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Since the beginning in 1983, VL Staal a/s has developed the company and is now one of the leading producers of freestanding steel stacks in Europe. Our stack solutions can be delivered all over Europe and we are selling our steel stacks through dealers and agents.

We produce all steel stacks in Esbjerg, where we have one of the largest production capacities within our field in Europe, both when talking about volume and size. We are situated close to the harbour of Esbjerg. Therefore we can also ship our steel stacks to the whole world by sea.

The construction and production are performed according to international norms and standards, and the quality and environment procedures are documented and certified according to ISO9001 and ISO 14001.

As one of the first steel stacks producers in the world we are certified according to the EN 1090-standard, which means, that we are following the latest norms. Through our membership of IVS (Industrie Verband Schornstein) we participate in the norm work and the interpretation of norms and standards for steel stacks. As an important producer of steel stacks in Europe we are therefore following the development very closely. You can read more about IVS here.

The most important raw material of VL Staal a/s are the employees. We are approx. 85 top qualified and motivated employees, who are at the disposal of the customers in order to create the optimum steel stack solutions for our customers. Talking about design, construction and production of steel stacks there will always be a qualified team of employees at disposal to fulfill the customers’ needs. The production takes place in 12.000 m2 workshops, where VL Staal has 24 pcs. portal cranes from 2 – 40 t with a maximum lifting capacity of 60 t and a height below crane hook of 7 m.

VL Staal a/s can serve our customers through the whole process regarding design, calculation, installation and maintenance of steel stack. A guided tour by VL Staal a/s through all phases of the project is the customer’s safety for an optimal steel stack solution.

Documentation and certification

The quality management system is documented and certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Both internal and external audits secure, that the system…

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A selection of references, delivered all over the world.

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